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With dozens of events and workshops hosted at The Junction year-round, there are many opportunities to secure exposure for your brand and engage with outgoing and enthusiastic audiences.  That applies whether you are a small business looking for a powerful impact or a major corporation looking to reach every segment.


Brand Exposure
The performing arts community has devoted enthusiastic audiences. And, regular press mentions are abundant. With various types of performances and diverse audiences, we will help to identify the best opportunities for your brand.


Audience Variety
Every production, play, show and concert is different. Think a Bollywood dancing night fits your market? What about a classic mystery theatre show? Or a battle of the bands? It’s all here, and your target market is, too.


An Ongoing Relationship
With shows and workshops always on at The Junction, there are opportunities to have regular brand exposure or to play to a specific campaign. If you are a company with many products or services there are options to highlight a different product at each performance.  We can keep you updated on the latest changes.


Big or Small
Sponsorship and advertising are not just about big companies with big cash budgets.  Even if you have nothing in your marketing budget, there are opportunities to provide in-kind services, gifts, or giveaways with significant impact and wide-reaching exposure.


While the benefits of sponsoring and advertising at events are impactful, your company will also benefit from the reality of being a supporter of Dubai’s performing arts. You will be at the forefront of Dubai’s cultural growth, and no one said you can’t brag about that!

Corporate Sponsorship

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