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Comedians, poets, dancers, actors, musicians, artists, writers, directors, producers, composers… Dubai’s watched and welcomed many performers and creators join its ranks as passions for the arts flourish and grow to new heights. Within recent years, we’ve seen it explode, and we have happily been a part of that explosion. But, with the scene growing from the grassroots, we recognized the need for a new, versatile space that could be home for all of the community’s performing artists and groups.

So in 2015, The Junction was conceived of and built a space where local and regional talent can thrive, where creators and performers can risk being original, where collaboration and mutual development can occur, and where an appreciation for the arts can be cultivated into bigger audiences.

The Story of The Junction

A Mission to Serve

Dubai attracts many professional acts, traveling troupes, West End performances and Broadway talent. But, we aim to be the place where Dubai’s residents and regional talents can express themselves, hone their talents, and show that Dubai’s arts and culture are thriving on all sides.

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