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Champion of the Arts

AED 5000 Every year

A Champion defender and victor of theatre, music, and performance. This second-highest level brings even greater recognition.

  • All Supporter and Ally of the Arts benefits, plus:

  • Lifetime membership to the Arts Advocates Circle

  • Naming rights to a seat in rows B or above

  • Special recognition at our opening night event

  • Complimentary entrance for two to any show. You can use this once per year for life, and you can even choose which seats you want (with advance notice.)

  • Mention in a press release about patrons

  • One free two-hour session in the facility during non-prime hours. Need rehearsal space? Or want to perform? If so, this is a great value for you.

  • Recognition in the program of one Junction produced event of your choice per season


**After checkout you will receive an invoice at your email address provided.

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