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As a space for local groups and community productions to shine, we want to be sure we can offer the right service and the best service to them.

By becoming a patron, you will help to keep rehearsal spaces available for performers, you will keep rates down so that true community performances can take place and you will help everyone reach a wider market.

This is not just a contribution. We designed all programs and packages to be beneficial to patrons and Circle members.

Annual Discount & Loyalty Program

Arts Advocates Circle

AED 300 annually
We’ve developed an annual discount and loyalty program for the regular and avid showgoer.  After signing up, you will receive an Arts Advocates Circle card and an official letter recognizing your gift.

Join now and get a complimentary pass to any 2016 performance.  Also, by signing up now, your membership will extend until October 2017. That’s one extra month in the circle, free!

Benefits include:

  • Discounted rates at box office when applicable. This will apply to at least 5 shows in a year, but could be many more!
  • Discounted rates on facility rentals during non-prime hours.
  • Access to previews & special shows when applicable
  • Preferred and reserved seating with 48 hours’ notice. If show is a free-seating show, and you want particular seats, just let us know and we’ll save your seats, subject to availability.
  • Discounts on official Junction swag and merchandise.
  • Discounts on snacks and drinks sold at The Junction and our events.
  • You will be recognized and listed with all Arts Advocates Circle members in our annual newsletter.
  • New benefits added from time to time.

Contact us to sign up now!

Become a Founding Patron

As a founding patron, you will be immortalized on our walls and in the hall, quite literally. Being a founding patron will afford you special recognition as someone who does more than just supports, you will be beyond “believing” in the arts. You will be an accomplice to Dubai’s performing arts success.

Supporter of the Arts

AED 1,850
This comes packaged with a seat with your name on it. Literally.

By being a supporting sponsor, you will have the naming rights to a seat in the performance hall (from row F and above). The seat will be adorned with a small name plate. Additionally, if you wish to claim your seat for any performance, you may do so with 48 hours advance notice. It’s your seat, after all.

All benefits for Supporter of the Arts include:

  • Seat naming rights in rows F and above (includes right to claim seat for a show)
  • Inclusion in the Arts Advocates Circle for 3 years
  • Mention on The Junction website supporters section


Ally of the Arts

AED 3,000
As an Ally of the Arts, you become a lifetime member of our Arts Advocates Circle and a foundation to Dubai’s performing arts world.

Benefits to being an Ally of the Arts include:

  • Lifetime listing on Patrons Plaque at Junction entrance, prominently displayed and visible to all who come.
  • Naming rights to seat in rows D and above.
  • Your picture and a quote in an album honoring patrons on the official Junction Facebook page
  • Complimentary entrance for two to any Queens of Drama festival show
  • Invitation to the annual Patron’s Gala


Champion of the Arts

AED 5,000
A champion defender and victor of theatre, music and performance. This second highest level brings even greater recognition.

Benefits to being a Champion of the Arts include:

  • All Supporter and Ally of the Arts benefits, plus:
  • Lifetime membership to the Arts Advocates Circle
  • Naming rights to seat in rows B or above
  • Special recognition at our opening night event
  • Complimentary entrance for two to any show. You can use this once per year for life, and you can even choose which seats you want (with advance notice.)
  • Mention in press release about patrons
  • One free two-hour session in facility during non-prime hours. Need a rehearsal space? Or want to perform? If so, this is a great value for you.
  • Recognition in the program of one Junction produced event of your choice per season


Grand Patron of the Arts

AED 7,500
There is no higher level of advocacy. By becoming one of our few Grand Patrons of the Arts, you will be representing the proud few who laid the bricks to the next path.

Benefits to being a Grand Patron of the Arts include:

  • All Supporter, Ally, and Champion of the Arts benefits, plus:
  • Lifetime membership in the Arts Advocates Circle
  • Naming rights to a seat in any row, including the first row
  • Photograph of all Grand Patrons at opening ceremony, which will be included in a press release
  • Recognition in the program of all Junction produced events
  • A private dinner with the Founders


To become a patron today or for more information, contact:
Rashmi Kotriwala
+971 55 4685468